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Planning Applications


The Parish Council is a statutory consultee on all planning applications within its parish boundaries. Each week the Clerk and Members are advised of new applications and these are included on the next agenda for discussion provided the statutory timescales have not elapsed.

At the Council meeting there is an opportunity under ‘public participation’ for residents to make representation concerning any application.

Such representation will be considered by Council members when the relative agenda item is later debated and prior to a thier making a decision as to whether they feel comments should be made to SRBC who finally decide the applications.

Due to the timing of Parish Council meetings some applications may fall out of time before the next meeting of the Parish Council and therefore no representation will be made unless an individual member or resident contacts the Clerk so that he may consider what appropriate procedures may be followed.

Residents are able to access planning applications/weekly lists on the SRBC Planning web site. www.southribble.gov.uk/planning-applications


If any resident has concerns or objections to any application it is recommended that they contact the Clerk who can advise on the best way to deal with their concerns.




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