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About the Council

Hutton Parish Council was established like many others following the passing of the Local Government Act 1894 and now comprises 7 member Councillors who are elected on a four yearly cycle, the last election having taken place in May of 2011.

The Council meet approximately every six weeks at Hutton Village Hall meetings commencing at 7.30pm. The agenda for meetings is published approx one week in advance of each meeting and members of the public are able to attend those meetings and make a statement, representation or ask questions concerning items relavent to Parish Council activities during a specifically defined period of time when the Council meeting has been adjourned early on during each meeting. No specific decisions may be made by the Council during this time however items raised which can be dealt with as routine business may be followed up by the Clerk or where a specific Council decision is required this may be done at a later meeting once a specific agenda item has been raised.

Once this period of 'public participation' has been completed the Council will continue with its agenda business during which time members of the public may no longer take an active part.

Often meeting agenda contain additional reports for the consideration of members prior to them reaching a Council decision. It is not practicable to post these reports on the Notice Boards however members of the public may normally obtain copies from the Clerk in advance of the meeting and copies are available on the night of the meeting usually from about 7.00pm

The next nearest Parish Council is that of Longton

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